What Are Dentures?

Removable replacements for those who have lost multiple teeth. Dentures can work wonders for restoring the visual appeal and functionality of a smile after teeth have been lost due to decay, trauma, or simply just aging.
Full conventional dentures: These dentures are used to replace all teeth, upper and lower. They’re custom made to fit for comfort and style – and are surprisingly affordable!

Overdentures: Dentures that are stabilized and supported by any remaining natural teeth or dental implants, which help maintain your natural facial structure.

Partial dentures: A partial set of dentures, supported by the good teeth or dental implants you still have intact. They may be fixed, in which they are not designed to be removed, or removable. 

What Is the Process for Getting Dentures?

Custom dentures take a few weeks – but the results are more than worth the wait. We’ll walk through and plan out your unique situation and needs, and we’ll begin to craft the denture set that will have you smiling in no time. This involves impressions and measurements of your jaws, the creation of models that you can try before your permanent dentures are produced, and more. Adjustments are always available as necessary. 


How much do dentures cost?

This varies, and depends on the type of dentures and your own unique situation. We will always talk through your options and help you come to a sound decision. 


Are dentures permanent?

Dentures may be fixed (permanent) or removable based on your individual needs. 


Are snap-on dentures effective?

These types of dentures provide comfort for those patients who may not be able to handle the suction of other types of dentures – and are just as effective. Ask for more details!