What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are a restorative treatment used to esthetically fix one or more missing teeth, ‘bridging’ the gap left behind.

Fixed Bridge: Typically recommended for those patients who have lost one or all of their teeth without significant bone loss. This is a combination of two or more crowns, cemented to anchor teeth on either side of the gap, and false teeth between them. 

Removable Bridge: Removable bridges may be recommended in the same cases, but where the integrity of the jawbone is compromised. This type of bridge involves replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored support base, connected by a metal framework and attached with metal clasps to your existing teeth or implants. 

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

    • Stop remaining teeth from shifting
    • Eat, speak, and smile naturally
    • Maintains proper bite alignment 
    • Maintain your face shape
    • Restores the loko and function of your smile overall


Do dental bridges ever need to be replaced?

With proper care, a bridge can last 20 years or more – but in some circumstances based on lifestyle, they may need to be replaced. 

How much do dental bridges cost?

This largely depends on the type of bridge, the number of false teeth involved, and the types of materials used. They may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars – but provide incredible value for the amount of time they last and the benefits they provide.